Do you like to read murder mysteries?

Witch Cross Inn is the second book in the Detective Jakes and Raines series.

A shot in the dark leads to a trail of lies and deadly secrets.

Although Detective Holly Jakes has been cleared of any wrongdoing in a fatal shooting several months earlier, she’s reluctant to return to active duty. When a member of a prominent law enforcement family is killed, the time for indecision is over. There isn’t a police officer in the State of New Hampshire who doesn’t want in on that investigation. Holly is no exception. She returns to Caxton PD, fully expecting to work the case. Instead, she’s tasked with identifying an old skull that was found near Mount Washington, which is assumed to be the remains of an unfortunate hiker.

If that’s not insulting enough, Holly is also assigned to investigate a bigfoot sighting. What’s even harder to swallow is that Detective Cal Raines is part of the homicide investigation.

Holly decides to take the cases in the hopes of surreptitiously working the murder.

When Raines shows up at the home of a wealthy heir to a timber fortune she’s just finished interviewing, Holly realizes their cases could be connected. But she’s faced with a tough choice. She can either work with Raines again or walk away.